Exterior Wall Render

At Irish Pressure Cleaning, we are familiar with all of the commonly used materials for exterior wall construction, including traditional render or k-rend. Homes and businesses across Dublin, Meath, and the surrounding counties face natural build-up of grime and aging as they are exposed to the natural elements of the Irish climate. We often see signs of bacteria, algae, and mildew on render, specifically on walls that are less exposed to direct sunlight.

Previously, many companies used techniques to remove these issues including high-powered pressure washing or simple painting over it, which does not solve the problem and could potentially make it worse. Render and k-rend are soft materials that can be left with deep gauges when pressure-washed, creating deeper surfaces for bacteria and algae to grow into.

We offer specialized low-pressure power washing for situations like these, along with all types of traditional cement render, k-rend, moncouche, and weber finishes. This method will not damage or discolor your walls but will fully remove all traces of algae, lichen, moss, and mold. For two-story buildings with peaks and gables, we employ a pole-fed softwash system which makes it easy for us to clean without the use of ladders. This keeps noise levels to a minimum and reduces disturbances while we are working on built-up areas of the exterior.

In addition to our specialized equipment, we always use environmentally friendly chemicals during our cleaning processes. When treating surface algae, we use a safewash biocide treatment that will not damage any surrounding plants or cause harm to humans or animals. It is guaranteed to be non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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