Driveway & Patio Cleaning

When exposed to the Irish climate, outdoor features such as driveways, patios, and decking can easily become dirty and put at risk for potential damage if not properly cleaned and maintained. Irish Pressure Cleaning uses the latest in commercial pressure washing equipment and methods to remove built-up grime and restore your driveway or patio to its original quality.

Common issues we see on driveways, patios, and decking include built-up moss, algae, lichen, and general grime as a result of being exposed to outdoor elements day in and out. Not only do these cause your driveway or patio to look dirty and grimy, but they can also cause damages and limit its lifetime, potentially costing you hefty repair or replacement costs down the road. 



Our team has developed specialty driveway, patio, and decking treatments and cleaning procedures that will remove all sorts of dirt, grime, and tire marks, as well as things like moss and algae that may be growing. Your outdoor space will be restored and ready for entertaining, relaxing, or whatever you have in mind.

In addition to driveways, patios, and decking, Irish Pressure Cleaning can also clean your more delicate exterior surfaces, such as canopies, porches, roofs, and walls, using a less aggressive cleaning method. Our low-pressure equipment allows us to gently remove dirt and grime from these surfaces without causing damage.

Other common areas we clean:

  • Moss, algae, and weed removal from any surface

  • Block paving and cobblelock

  • Re-sanding and herbicide application

  • Decking with oiling or staining

  • Concrete and tarmacadam

  • Canopies and outdoor seating areas

  • Entryways and entrance steps

  • Canopies and shopfronts

  • Smoking areas

  • Car parks

  • Tennis courts

  • Outdoor signage 

Suitable for both residential and commerical properities our jet washers can clean a variety of materials, without damaging the actual surface itself. We specilaise in the cleaning of paving or flagstones.  We are capable of fine tuning our cleaning equipment ensuring you the get the best results.